Aqueous Parts Washer – It seems simple enough. You have parts that need cleaning. So, go out and get a parts washer to do it for you.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Choosing the best aqueous parts washer for you is very much like buying a car. You don’t go out and buy the first one you see. It’s a big investment and there are many things to consider in making your decision. The same holds true when choosing a parts washer.

Aqueous Parts Washer

Before you begin to look, take a moment to answer some basic questions. This will help define your needs and then you can begin looking for a system that matches your objectives. There are eight things you need to consider before choosing a parts washer. They are:

  1. What type of substance do you need to remove from the part (for example: oil, dirt, grease, metal shavings)?
  2. How big or small is the part you need to clean?
  3. What are the physical characteristics of the part? (What is the material? Can it be rotated? Are there blind holes or thermal limitations?)
  4. How many parts per hour or minute do you need to process?
  5. What are your space requirements for the system (the dimensions of the area it will occupy)?
  6. What are your cleanliness specifications and how do you test for cleanliness?
  7. What is the next step in your process after the parts are clean?
  8. How are you currently cleaning your parts?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the factors you need to consider. However, answering these questions can help narrow your options and will provide your vendor or manufacturer with a precise idea of your needs. From there you can both begin digging into the details about system capabilities and possible options that can enhance or help achieve your cleaning objectives.