An Industry Leader Providing Superior Products, Services and Engineering

Since 1993, JRI Cleaning Systems has been a leader in the parts washing industry. Since our founding, we have grown into one of the largest parts washer manufacturers in the country and carry one of the most complete lines of systems in the industry. Our employees are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations and our leading edge engineering group is continuously improving our products to ensure the quality and reliability you have come to expect from JRI.

In 2013, JRI acquired Jensen Fabricating Engineers (Jenfab), another leading parts washer manufacturer in Berlin, Connecticut, that specializes in high-precision cleaning systems for customers that have stringent cleanliness requirements. The result is one company with two brands that is able to offer a complete line of parts washing systems to meet any need.

Together, we possess the resources and expertise necessary to be an industry leader as well as provide exceptional quality and customer service. We are JRI/Jenfab and we are proud to serve you.


The JRI Industries’ facility is located in Springfield, Missouri, only 200 miles from  Kansas City, St. Louis and Tulsa. Our brand new 66,000 square foot facility produces both custom and standard units using state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best talent in the industry. This new location allows JRI to offer unmatched turnaround time on orders and quality customer service. See for yourself.


JRI Cleaning Systems consists of the most experienced engineering group and skilled workforce in the parts washer industry. We strive to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. Quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing is only part of what our customers have come to expect of us.

With extensive experience in the heavy equipment, remanufacturing, mining, railroad, aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing industries, we have the experience and expertise required to build a parts washer to meet your needs. In addition, we offer a complete line of standard front load, top load, immersion agitation and spray under immersion, pass-through, heavy duty and custom built parts washers for you to choose from.

Our standard line of front and top load washers are among the largest in the industry. With turntable sizes ranging from 21” to 72”, and working heights from 32” to 72”, we have the right system for you.


MachineTurn Table SizeWorking HeightWeight CapacityPump SizeHeat SizeSump Capacity
TL-2121"31"500 lbs1.5 HP6 KW32 Gal
TL-2525"32"1000 lbs3 HP9 KW85 Gal
TL-3131"32"1000 lbs3 HP12 KW125 Gal
TL-3636"32"1500 lbs5 HP18 KW170 Gal
TL-4242"36"1500 lbs7.5 HP18 KW220 Gal
TL-5050"36"1500 lbs10 HP36 KW290 Gal
TL-6060"36"1500 lbs15 HP36 KW390 Gal
TL-7272"36"2000 lbs15 HP36 KW530Gal

MachineTurn Table SizeWorking HeightWeight CapacityPump SizeHeat SizeSump Capacity
F-253225"32"1000 lbs3 HP9 KW120 Gal
F-314231"42"1000 lbs3 HP12 KW140 Gal
F-364836"48"1500 lbs5 HP18 KW170 Gal
F-426042"60"2000 lbs7.5 HP18 KW250 Gal
PCS-253225"32"1000 lbs3 HP9 KW95 Gal
PCS-313631"36"1000 lbs3 HP12 KW140 Gal
PCS-314231"42"1000 lbs5 HP12 KW140 Gal
PCS-314831"48"1000 lbs5 HP12 KW140 Gal
PCS-364236"42"1500 lbs5 HP18 KW180 Gal
PCS-364836"48"1500 lbs5 HP18 KW180 Gal
PCS-366036"60"1500 lbs7.5 HP18 KW180 Gal
PCS-425542"55"1500 lbs7.5 HP18 KW240 Gal
PCS-426042"60"1500 lbs7.5 HP18 KW240 Gal
PCS-427242"72"1500 lbs10 HP36 KW240 Gal
PCS-506050"60"1500 lbs15 HP36 KW300 Gal
PCS-507250"72"1500 lbs15 HP36 KW300 Gal
PCS-606060"60"1500 lbs15 HP36 KW400 Gal
PCS-726072"60"2000 lbs15 HP36 KW550 Gal
PCS-727272"72"2000 lbs15 HP36 KW550 Gal

MachineTurn Table SizeWorking HeightWeight CapacityPump SizeHeat SizeSump Capacity
HDS-314231"42"2000 lbs10 HP24 KW190 Gal
HDS-425542"55"3000 lbs15 HP36 KW300 Gal
HDS-506050"60"5000 lbs30 HP72 KW350 Gal
HDS-606060"60"5000 lbs30 HP72 KW450 Gal
HDS-607260"72"5000 lbs30 HP72 KW450 Gal
HDS-6011260"112"5000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW450 Gal
HDS-726072"60"5000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW650 Gal
HDS-848484"84"5000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW650 Gal
HDS-849684"96"5000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW1950 Gal
HDS-968496"84"5000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW1950 Gal
HDS-10872108"72"10,000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW2200 Gal
HDS-12084120"84"10,000 lbsDUAL 30 HP72 KW2400 Gal

MachineTunnel WidthWorking HeightStagesPump SizeHeat SizeSump Capacity
MCCS-100024"15"Wash5 Wash36 KW200 Gal
MCCS-150024"15"Wash / Blow Off5 Wash
8.5 Blow Off
36 KW200 Gal
MCCS-200024"15"Wash / Rinse5 Wash
5 Rinse
36 KW
18 KW
200 Gal
MCCS-300024"15"Wash / Rinse / Blow Off5 Wash
5 Rinse
8.5 Blow Off
36 KW
18 KW
200 Gal