JRI Cleaning Systems is a proud member and supporter of the CETA, NPGA, and APRA associations.

CETA Mission Statement
CETA is dedicated to increasing the awareness and promotion of our products. We must have an impact on preserving our environment and our opportunity to do business within it, while influencing the regulations that govern our products and processes. We must provide the educational opportunity to increase integrity, professionalism and profitability within our industry.

  (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association)

NPGA Codes & Standards
The goal of NPGA is to advance safety throughout the propane industry. This is achieved through our active involvement with organizations that develop codes and standards. We strive to ensure that propane industry policies are fully advocated with all codes and standards organizations affecting propane. Part of NPGA's mission is to ensure that these standards and their enforcement are reasonable, cost-effective and safety-based.
We also encourage greater participation by members and staff in the NFPA standard development process as well as any other relevant codes or standards that impact the propane industry. We also seek to promote the understanding of and compliance with existing codes and standards.

www.npga.org (Natural Propane Gas Association)

APRA Mission Statement
APRA's mission is to address the needs of the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry and to serve our members in four primary ways:

  • By providing a wide range of quality products, services, workshops and educational information (including APRA's Global Connection and e-Connection.)
  • Through legislative, legal and advocacy at various levels of government.
  • By offering technical services, online catalogs, a service bulletin access, a parts finder service and wiring diagrams.
  • As well as arranging many networking opportunities for members of the remanufacturing community.

www.apra.org (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association)

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